Just Go Smart

You can get rid of the pen and paper with the iPad and the GoSmart Stylus, but I realized that some people may not know what Apps to use so here’s our recommendations based on what you want to create.



Note taking in class or meetings: Note Shelf is intuitive and easy to use with very smooth writing.



If you are a lefty and you want to take hand write notes on the iPad, there aren’t too many options, but Penultimate is the best solution that we could find due to the palm rejection capability.


Signing or initialing PDF documents directly from the iPad without having to print, sign, scan and email back is best achieved using Notability and Notes Plus.  Open the document in a new notebook, zoom in, sign and export via Email.

PAPER by 53

If you are looking for a simple to use sketching app, Paper by 53 is great but you need to buy all the brushes and the paint mixer to full realize the capabilities.


For the artist that wants total control for some serious creativity, Procreate is the recommended App.  These drawings were created by Jonathan Gesinski using Procreate and the GoSmart Stylus.