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GoSmart unveils the next generation of Amazon’s highest rated capacitive precision stylus

The newly released GoSmart Crossover 400 Stylus features both ink pen and stylus capabilities

Los Angeles, CA – May 30, 2014 – Tablet users live in both paper and digital worlds.  We reach for a pen when we want to jot a phone number down on the back of a business card, sign a credit card receipt, initial a contract or make notes and comments on handouts in a meeting.  On our tablets, we want to use a stylus with high precision and accuracy for taking notes or creating drawings using a tool that is most similar to our favorite pen. Today, GoSmart announces the Crossover 400, a new precision stylus that features both a high quality traditional ink pen and precision stylus capabilities for creating on an iPad or other tablets, offering the best solution for both worlds.

The full featured Crossover 400 capacitive precision stylus comprises of the following components:

  • Two-in-one body design featuring both a pen and stylus
  • GoSmart Stylus precision tip for accurate and quiet use
  • Black ink pen twists open and closed to prevent accidental ink marking
  • Cap ensures that the stylus tip stays protected while a clip conveniently allows for portability
  • High quality fountain-pen body style for a more sophisticated look.

Following the earlier introduction of the Professional 200 and the Freedom 300, the Crossover 400 is the latest in a highly-acclaimed line of stylus products from GoSmart.  They are the smoothest and most precise stylus instruments for use on an iPad and other touchscreen devices available in the market, providing an experience that is closest to roller ball pen on paper. The GoSmart Stylus has been praised by numerous gadget industry experts. John Martellaro of the Mac Observer wrote, “The tip technology is a leap ahead of soft, rubbery nibs that can tear or wear out,” while Julie Strietelmeier of The Gadgeteer called the GoSmart 200 series her “new favorite capacitive stylus.”  While there are plastic tipped styluses with larger sales volume, objective reviews rate the GoSmart Stylus higher on Amazon and conclude that it has superior performance than that of competitors such as Adonit.

GoSmart Inc., a specialty consumer accessory company, is driven by the founder, Dr. Jae Son and his need for creating innovative products that improve the quality of his fast-paced lifestyle.  It was in a recent trip while he was on an airplane – when Dr. Son needed to switch from using his iPad to finding a pen to sign customs paperwork – where the idea for the Crossover 400 came to him. Although he was taking all his meeting notes on an iPad, he quickly realized that sometimes a good old ink pen is what you need. To address this challenge, he conceived the newly released Crossover 400 model. “I am proud that our GoSmart Stylus is the highest-rated capacitive precision stylus on Amazon, and expect the Crossover 400 to earn its place and become the best tablet stylus as well" says Dr. Son.

The newly-developed Crossover 400 capacitive precision stylus is now available for $28.95 at http://www.justgosmart.com/ and on Amazon. For more information please feel free to contact Steve Sanchez at ssanchez@justgosmart.com.


About GoSmart, Inc.
GoSmart, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. GoSmart develops and markets exceptionally useful travel aids and consumer accessories for smart mobile devices.  Their current product line includes the GoSmart Stylus with precise touchscreen pointing with an unobstructed view through a patent-pending capacitive wire tip for an experience that is closest to pen and paper; the GoSmart Restpad featuring highly comfortable sheep skin that relieves over twice as much wrist pressure compared to gel mouse pad options; and the GoSmart Clip for iPhone for safer GPS viewing in the car. For more information, please visit http://www.justgosmart.com/.