The stylus model 200 series was developed for those people that either didn't like the model 300 shape or needed a clip as they make their rounds like a physician.  Both have the same Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tip that self aligns and allows you to see through it.  

We are also making the magnetic feature available on both models and for those people that don't need or want that feature, they can get a non magnetic version that is a little cheaper.  The 5 in models 250 and 350 mean that they have the magnetic feature.

Finally, we are providing 4 different cap colors, black, white, red and blue.  Depending on requests and demand, we may add or delete the color offerings so let us know.

The 300 series will ship in June 2012 and the 200 series should be available by August 2012.



Wile the tip is really resliant and durable, it is not indestructible so we will be offering a replacement tip 2 pack when we make the product available.