Last week I visited a relative in Michigan who is an M.D. and showed him the stylus. His first reaction was skepticism: “The tip looks very fragile. Doesn't this scratch the screen?”  I explained to that despite its appearance, the stylus is both quite durable and very forgiving, and that it is near impossible to scratch the screen. (For those of you who are still concerned, take a look at this video.) 

I gave my dubious-doctor-relative the stylus to try, and after he wrote his name his attitude changed completely! He proceeded to write his name 20 times in a row and told me every pharmaceutical rep that gives him drug samples has him sign an iPad using a rubber stylus. He told me that the styluses used by the drug reps are terrible for writing -- he had to press very hard or sometimes the stylus would skip. He loved the fact that it didn't require any pressure to write and thinks the pharmaceuticals should buy these by the truckload!

I'm sharing this experience with you because it made me feel good that all the hard work taking this stylus from concept to product has been worthwhile.

This Sunday I will be getting on a plane to travel halfway around the world to perform final inspection on the stylus and the packaging before mass production begins.

Next week I'll be updating everyone from the factory, and barring any unforeseen problems, we will launch our pre-order webpages. (The reason why it will technically be a preorder is because it will take 2-3 weeks before we will have stock and be able to start shipping orders.)

Thanks for your continued support and interest. The GoSmart Stylus will be a reality soon!


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