I am sitting here at the airport lounge and reflecting on the past four days, and it's been a very busy and productive week.  I developed new friendships with the suppliers as they have fully embraced this project.  Thank you Salman, Lau, and KS.

First day was spent in an all day long meeting to review everything.  We were joking around saying that I flew 20 hours to see one radius, but that isn't very far from the truth as we were obsessed on making the disk edges rounded and smooth as possible and we accomplish that goal during this trip.

photo 1.JPG

We also trekked over to Malaysia to talk directly with the body finishing supplier and conveyed to them the critical nature of the stylus body finish which wasn't properly communicated before.  

I also learned from this trip that the clear Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating is very unique and special as it will not peel.  I also learned that there are many different types of chrome plating.

Stamping Press 2.JPG

We also reviewed the retail packaging parts and discovered a design error for the 200 series and identified a minor manufacturing error.  Both are being corrected and the new parts will be ready next week. We also finalized the packaging for the over seas shipping.

GoSmart Stylus Logo.JPG

We made lots of progress/updates this week, and the suppliers need to make the changes so we will hold off on taking preorders for a week or so, but the Amazon pages have been completed and the e-commerce page is being built up on our website justgosmart.com for the international customers.

Durian Friends.JPG

On a personal note, I got the chance to try durian fruit, otherwise known as stinky fruit for a good reason, has a very unique and interesting taste and texture.  The local guys all loved it so I had to give it a try especially since it was durian season which only last a month.  The best way that I could describe it is that it was like ice cream or pudding but dry like cotton candy.  Very unique.

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