I am delighted to let you know that ALL the stylus manufacturing quality issues have been addressed.  It looks beautiful!   It took a lot more time and effort than expected since it looks simple, but getting all the details right and making it mass producible wasn't easy.  I am proud of this accomplishment and happy with the approved article. Thanks, Salman and Lau.

The first production units is still a month away, but we'll have both the model 200 and the 300 available.  You can pre-order from our justgosmart.com/store and be the first ones to get the most precise and smooth handling stylus available in the world.

Now that I have converted note taking and list of things to do from paper and pen to the iPad and the GoSmart Stylus, I feel naked when I grab the iPad and don't have the Stylus with me.  I hope you also find it as useful as I do.