All the pre-orders have been shipped and the orders are piling in from around the world!  We were worried that we might not have enough, but fortunately, we have been able to keep up for now.  It was a big learning curve, but we have a good handle on order fulfillment, shipping and customer service.  Thanks to Steve!

We’ve been getting great reviews and frankly we are worried about keeping up with demand, since the reviewers only received the samples a week ago but we are working hard to be prepared for the ramp up.  It seems a bit anticlimactic, as all the preparation and stress was several days ago, but the product looks beautiful and will start converting people to use their iPads for note taking and as a creation tool.

If there is enough interest, I’d like to create a web page where people can submit things that they created using the GoSmart Stylus.  It could be a drawing, message to other GoSmart Stylus users, sketch, design diagram, notes from a meeting, doodling, anything that might be of interest to others.

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