We can’t believe that it has been only a month since the GoSmart Stylus was launched and we are completely sold out!   The response from customers and reviewers has been amazingly positive.  We’ve had our share of mix up with the order fulfillment and a very small percentage of quality issues, but we corrected the mistakes with great customer service. As we learn and appreciate the importance of quality and customer service, we are developing a philosophy at GoSmart that all of our product should satisfy our customers 100%.  If you have any issues or problems, please let us know.

We recently had to reject the last batch of shipment due to minor cosmetic finish issues that didn’t meet the quality standards.   Unfortunately one of the suppliers was changed without our approval.  We are especially sorry for those in UK that are waiting for the stylus to be available on Amazon UK to avoid the ridiculous £8 handling charge by the Royal Post.  We caught the problem and have corrected the issue, but the next shipment is expected end of this month.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

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