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Stylus FAQ

What is PrecisionPoint Technology?

All GoSmart styluses feature our patent-pending PrecisionPoint Technology, which combines functional design elements to produce the smoothest and most precise writing experience possible.  The unique cross-hair tip allows you to see exactly where you are writing, sketching, scribbling or selecting. Unlike other styluses, the tip doesn't obstruct your view with plastic or rubber. The tip is coated with a specially-formulated material to resist scratching and provide a silky smooth writing platform. 

What are the key functional benefits of GoSmart styluses?

Smooth. Precise. Durable. 

Our PrecisionPoint technology uses capacitive coupling to produce an ultra-smooth writing instrument unimpeded by foam or a plastic disc. Our flexible tip provides a clear, unobstructed view of the screen and allows you to work at nearly any angle. 

What does the M mean?

M is for magnetic. M models feature rare earth magnets embedded in the body for magnetic cling to your tablet.

What makes the GoSmart better than other styluses already on the market? 

We are the only company to offer a stylus with a cross-hair tip design. Our patent pending PrecisionPoint Technology allows you to see through the tip while providing smooth glide and reliable performance with Teflon Spring Flex design. 

What design options are available?

All of our styluses are constructed from solid aerospace-grade aluminum and feature our unique cross-hair tip. Each model features a magnetic and non-magnetic version, and is available in black, blue, red, or white. Magnetic versions are indicated by an M in the title and feature rare earth magnets embedded in the body for cling to your iPad.

The GoSmart Professional 200 and 200M styluses have mechanical engineering look and solid ergonomic feel. The cap provides tip protection and features a handy clip for traveling convenience.

The GoSmart Freedom 300 and 300M styluses have a unique aerodynamic look and sleeker feel. The cap was refined and iterated many times to complement the body design and naturally evolved into a rocket fin.  Functionally, it prevents the stylus from rolling and allows the GoSmart stylus to literally stand on its own. The caps are made from high quality silicone rubber.

Head to our Products page to find out more.

Does the stylus make a tapping noise when touching the screen?

You may have noticed that most metal or plastic tip styluses make an annoying tapping noise that renders them unsuitable for note taking. GoSmart styluses combat this issue with a spring tip that cushions the force similar to the shocks on your car, dramatically reducing any tapping noise.

Do I need to use a screen protector when using my stylus?

The GoSmart stylus features a specially-coated tip that prevents scratching with proper use. However, we suggest using a thin screen protector since grit can inevitably get trapped between your stylus and your screen during use, making ANY stylus subject to light scratching. No stylus is 100% scratch resistant for this very reason.

I managed to break my tip, now what?

Please contact support@justgosmart.com and explain how it happened. Early on, some of the tips broke due to a manufacturing error that has since been corrected. If we can determine that you received a defective stylus, we will be happy to send you a new one free of charge. Keep in mind, GoSmart tips are consumable items and may require eventual replacement after extended use. You can purchase replacement tips for a small fee in our online store.

How does the GoSmart Stylus work?

Modern touchscreens work by using the electrical property of capacitance to detect touch. To mimic the large capacitance of a finger, current styluses use a large, continuous conductive surface. The advantage of the GoSmart stylus is the principle of capacitive coupling, which is the principle that a single conductive wire has electric fields that extend well beyond the wire itself. By combining several conductive wires, the PrecisionPoint tip mimics a solid conductive surface with much less material, providing a clear view. The patent pending PrecisionPoint tip is attached to a center spring coil that allows wide angle of writing by pivoting easily and also act as a suspension system to reduce the noise generated upon impact. Smooth gliding is important when writing or drawing.  The PrecisionPoint tip is Teflon coated to provide the smoothest writing experience that outperforms even the finest roller ball pens on paper.

What is the pixel ability (or line thickness) of GoSmart styluses?

Line thickness is app dependent and not a function of the stylus type. Check out our list of recommended apps for use with our styluses.

Where can I buy GoSmart products?

We currently sell GoSmart products on our website and Amazon.com. Shop now.

Clip FAQ

What is the GoSmart Clip?

The GoSmart Clip is a smartphone holder that securely fastens to the steering wheel.

Is it easy to use?

Yes.  The GoSmart Clip is simple to use and does not require any tools for installation.

How do I adjust the GoSmart Clip to my smartphone?

In order to adjust the GoSmart Clip to the proper height for your smartphone, pull out the tab on the back slightly to separate the top and bottom parts; the separation should be larger than your smartphone.  Insert your smartphone between the top and bottom Parts. Squeeze the top and bottom parts together until your smartphone is held securely between the elastic suspensions.  Make sure your smartphone is held securely in the GoSmart Clip before driving.

How do I attach the GoSmart Clip to the steering wheel? 

Place the Soft Leather Pillow against the steering wheel. Pull the Elastic Strap around the steering wheel. Insert the Top Post in one of the holes in the Elastic Strap. Make sure the GoSmart Clip is secure on the steering wheel before driving.

Does the GoSmart Clip work with all smartphones?

The adjustable design of the GoSmart Clip holds any smartphone that is between 4" (100mm) to 5" (125mm) tall and less than 0.75" (20mm) thick. We recommend that you take off your smartphone protective skin before use.

Can I use the GoSmart Clip in any vehicle? 

Yes. The GoSmart Clip can be used in any vehicle with a conventional steering wheel.

What do I do if my smartphone blocks my view of the instrument panel? 

The GoSmart Clip is designed so that it should not block your view of important gauges on the instrument panel when it is at the 12 o'clock position on the steering wheel. If it is necessary to improve visibility of certain gauges, mount the GoSmart Clip anywhere between the 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock positions on your steeringwheel.

Can I answer phone calls when my smartphone is in the GoSmart Clip? 

Yes. However, for safety reasons, you should only answer your smartphone while using a bluetooth device. The GoSmart Clip makes it convenient to answer and make calls while driving. Watch the video on the product page to see how easy it is to answer calls while driving with the GoSmart Clip.

Should I text, email, watch movies or other distracting applications on my smartphone when it is being used with the GoSmart Clip? 

No. It is dangerous and against the law in many states to text or email while driving. Be smart. Don't text, email, or watch other distracting video applications while driving.

Should I charge my phone while using the GoSmart Clip? 

No. The charger cord will interfere with your driving.

Can I adjust the GoSmart Clip or my smartphone while driving? 

No. For safety, you should never adjust your GoSmart Clip or your smartphone while you are driving. All adjustments to the GoSmart Clip and your smartphone should be made while your vehicle is in park.

How do I remove my smartphone from the GoSmart Clip? 

When your car in is park, simply slide your smartphone to one side and remove the GoSmart Clip from between the Top and Bottom Parts. If you do use a protective high friction rubber skin on your smarphone, you should pull the back tab and separate the Top and Bottom Parts before removing your smartphone.

Will the GoSmart Clip interfere with the airbag if there is an accident? 

The GoSmart Clip is designed not to interfere with the air bag because it is attached to the top of the steering wheel away from where the air bag typically deploys. However, you should follow all local and state laws and the vehicle manufacturer's instructions before you attach any items, including the GoSmart Clip, to your steering wheel.

What if I break my GoSmart Clip? 

If your GoSmart Clip breaks due to any defect in materials or workmanship, return the product to us and provide a written explanation and your mailing address. We will send you a free replacement within 2-4 weeks.

What is the warranty* for the GoSmart Clip? 

The GoSmart Clip is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. This warranty applies only if the GoSmart Clip has been installed and used in a normal and proper manner and according to the Smart Guide (Instructions for Use). This warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage, such as scratches or nicks, or damage caused by abuse, misuse, alteration, or modification by the customer or others. GoSmart's liability and customer’s remedy under this warranty are limited exclusively to replacement of the GoSmart Clip.